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  • David Crone

FIJI 2018

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

After nearly 20 years of relationship with the wonderful people of Fiji I find that I am more satisfied than ever with the results of the investment of The Mission in that island nation. I will attempt to share in words the fullness of my heart upon returning from 2 weeks ministering with Mission Fiji.

My first several days in the nation were spent teaching in the last week of the Mission Fiji school of prophecy. This year’s school is the largest in our history and is made up of all age groups, backgrounds, and even several nationalities. One of the students I interviewed stated that though she had been raised in the church, the first day she attended the school was the first day she “fell in love with Jesus.” Several other students shared similar transformation.

We had the joy of having our first international students this year, an amazing couple from the island nation of Kiribati. Following graduation, this couple began a journey to be missionaries to the smallest island nation in the world, Tokelau. A group of students from the school will be leaving to take the Gospel to a newly found people group in the Solomon Islands, and another group will be coming to the Round Valley Native American reservation here in California to work with their youth. It is so rewarding to see the students take what they received and share it with the nations. These kingdom lovers of God are true world changers.

In my second week of this trip, Mission Fiji hosted a leadership conference that saw leaders from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and Tokelau in attendance. I was joined on the teaching team by Mark Crawford (Australia), Caleb Byerly and Joel Butz (USA), Josh Klinkenberg (New Zealand), and Kili Mawa and Sam Koliloa (Fiji). This international team poured their love and revelation into the leaders over 5 days and we experienced powerful times in the presence of God and in relationship together. One of our attendees, a pastor in his second year of attendance, stated that the Leadership training superseded anything he has ever experienced in all his Bible school and seminary training. He is looking forward to taking what he has received and impacting his home nation of the Solomon Islands.

I can’t adequately express my appreciation and love for all those whose personal investment, both at home and around the world, made two weeks in Fiji eternally effective. I love being on this journey with you all.