• David Crone

FIJI 2017

I would like to share with you a more detailed report of what we witnessed the Lord doing during a recent trip to Fiji.

The Team: In mid-July, I traveled to Fiji with a small team of fellow five-fold leaders for a second annual event designed to train and equip Fijian leaders in the foundations of five-fold supernatural ministry. With me were anointed leaders representing 4 of the 5 office gifts: Keith Ferrante (prophet), Joel Butz (teacher), Gary and Karissa Hopkins (pastors), and myself, David Crone (apostle). Once in Fiji we were also joined by special guest Caleb Byerly, a missionary to the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. We were hosted by our Mission Fiji team in Lautoka, led by National Director Kili Mawa. We were blessed to have the Sounds of the Nations Fiji team, led by Directors Iva and Sam Koliloa, leading worship at the event as well. Check out the pictures attached!

Invasion Leadership Conference: I had a sense before departing from California that there was special significance to this trip. Once the conference began, my expectation was confirmed, as over and over the Holy Spirit led us to set aside our original agenda and speak with passionate conviction from the heart of what he wanted to release. As we shared our message of the Kingdom, we spoke on the character and nature of God, identity, marriage, vulnerability, and a variety of other kingdom values. Everyone was so responsive; those attending the conference shared about its impact on them with repeated comments like, "I have been changed forever. I will never be the same." "Why didn't I learn this years ago?" "We will spread the word and bring many others next year."

We have done this type of event before, but this year was uniquely effective. During one session, we separated the men and women, and the women in attendance gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the session led by Karissa Hopkins. This was particularly significant because female leadership is not yet as accepted in Fijian culture. Meanwhile, Gary, Keith, Joel, Caleb, and myself led a session for the men, which exploded into healing and deeply impacting teaching. Among many other things, one man who had lost his sense of smell years prior had it restored! Isn’t our God good?

One of the attendees to the leadership conference was a pastor from the Solomon Islands. He was so impacted by the conference and connected with our team so well that we have plans to help him start a supernatural school in his nation next year.

School of Prophecy: As well as the leadership conference, during this trip we celebrated the graduation of this year’s students at our 3-month supernatural school, School of Prophecy, at Mission Fiji. These students are truly amazing, and their faith and commitment were so evident. One student is even moving with his family to Jakarta after graduation, to work among the Muslims there as a family.

Several of the students traveled by bus from as far as 3 hours away every week for this school. This actually led to an amazing testimony: one student who lives on the far side of the island firmly believed that he was supposed to make the trip to attend the school, despite not having enough money for the bus fare. Putting his faith in action, he took what money he did have—the Fijian equivalent of a $5 bill, not enough to get all the way across the island—in his pocket and headed to the bus station, trusting that God would take care of the rest somehow. When he arrived at the bus station, he reached in his pocket for his money, and when he pulled it out it had turned into a $50 bill! There would be no mistaking this in Fiji, either: their bills are all different sizes and colors. He was able to use that to take the bus all the way to the supernatural school.

Sounds of The Nations: The following week, Sounds of the Nations held a worship conference with attendees from all over the big island. I kicked off the conference speaking on the priority of presence and identity. Roma Waterman, Director of Sounds of the Nations Australia, was one of the featured speakers along with Fiji Directors Iva and Sam. It was great to see what a good turnout this worship conference drew, especially since the Fiji base of Sounds of the Nations was launched only one year ago.

Thank you for continuing to be part of this adventure and partnership with Fiji. It is truly amazing to see the love of God at work in that beautiful nation. You are making an eternal difference. I love being on this journey with you.

David Crone



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