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  • David Crone

Building Kingdom Connections, Samoa 2019


It was over 40 years ago I first touched Samoan soil on my way to Tonga. It was a brief stop of several hours and most of that was spent in the small airport. Now, climbing to 33,000 feet on my flight back to Fiji to teach in our Supernatural school, I am struck by several impressions of the 3 days spent in the Independent Nation of Samoa.

First, I was stunned by the absolute gorgeous natural beauty of the Island nation. Pristine beaches, emerald clear water, and lush, colorful bush overwhelm your senses. God is quite the artist!

I was even more amazed by the way God orchestrated the circumstances that opened the door for us to make significant connections with the church in Samoa. An unplanned meeting with Caleb Byerly a few years ago led to a young married couple from another Island nation – Kiribati - attending our Fiji school. Then, traveling through Samoa on their way as missionaries to yet another Island Nation – Tokelau -they connected with a church in Apia, Ala Ole Vaool. That connection led to Caleb, Kili and me being the first foreigners to ever speak in the history of that church.

The highlight of these last few days, however, is the people of Samoa. They are warm, honoring, generous and loving. We were welcomed as family from the first moment to the last. Pastor Dennis and his partner Tap took wonderful care of us and allowed us to speak into their lives and speak of the Kingdom to their people.

I’m not sure what this trip to Samoa will produce, but I’m confident that a Kingdom deposit was made in that nation and our lives are richer because of those we met. This is what strategic life exchange is all about.

David Crone